07 May 2008

I love to paint...

Not paint a room,
or paint a hallway
or a house,
But paint on a flat surface that is under my control,
sort of....
I am new at this.
I was an art major in college,
for a year, just long enough to be intimidated.
Then I figured that I had no talent,
and changed my major to history,
which of course takes no creative talent,
just memory.
So, I gave up my dream very early.
I have wished for the day that I could take painting up again....
That day has arrived.
I am still such a novice that I will not show my paintings to anyone,
so putting them here is a real stretch for me.
But I feel the need to acknowledge the attempt.
I am a trial by error sort of painter.
As in life, my painting sometimes works smoothly,
and sometimes is just awful.
So I will wash out the brushes, put away the tubes of acrylic,
and prop up the canvas to dry.
And tomorrow I will try to do it again.

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