06 April 2008

Anne......sweet thing.

Anne died yesterday.
She has had cancer for over 5 years.
She has fought like no man ever dreamed.
Anne and I are one day apart, born Leos, in 1957.
She had violet/blue eyes that rivaled Liz Taylor's.
She had a wicked laugh, especially when drinking.
She was proud of her family, friends and hometown.
We have known each other since junior high school.
I love her, she is my friend, soul-sister, drinking buddy (decades ago).
I am going to miss her terribly.
There are 5 of us who will miss her each time we are together. We have taken trip as a group for decades now. Additional women have joined us, but the original 6 knew each other from junior high and younger. We are all 50. The photo was taken at her surprise birthday party last year.
Anne was the first to become a grandmother. Baby Cole was born with defective kidneys. He lost them, and the fight began to nurse him to one year of age so that he could become eligible for a transplant. It came in the beginning of this year, his body couldn't handle it. He died. We buried him just weeks ago.
As I hugged Anne at the burial ground, she was nothing but bones. I knew time was short, and I told her I loved her. She smiled and said "I know".
Now Anne is with her grandbaby Cole. I see them in my mind's eye, sitting, playing together, happy, no pain, peaceful, content.
I could try to figure it all out, put some meaning to it all, but why.
Anne has moved on......
I believe I will see her again someday.
But right here, right now, I miss her.

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