06 April 2008

Dinner with Matt.....

I am so full, I could just pop.
What a wonderful meal. David is the bestest cook! He made a roast pork this evening that would command $$$$ in a restaurant. Matt came over to dine with us. Not much talking here, but lots of approving "hmmmms". We are now fat and happy, having devoured the pork, and dessert of brownies and ice cream.
Yes, life does go on....
Of course it does. And tomorrow, as I sit in the church and listen to men speak, who think they knew my friend, I will smile and rejoice because I am blessed.
I am blessed to have wonderful friends, to have a husband that is a magnificent cook, and to have a faith that tells me I will see Anne again in the future.
Perhaps we will know each other longer there than we did here, or perhaps we already have........
I am so full.

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