11 April 2008

Tis Friday.....

I am lovin' the Friday mood in my neighborhood.
It seems that with Spring Break for the kids, all of the adults have caught the fever. Everyone seems to have taken the day off, and are out in their yards. Kids are running' around acting crazy and free...
This is what spring is all about, FUN.
The driveways are coated with a fine dusting of yellow pollen. You can wash your car, if you like, but it will do no good, until we have experienced at least one torrential down=pour. (I tried yesterday, and by the time the droplets had dried on my sporty little Fit, evidence of pollen pollution had appeared). Hostas are poking their little snouts our of the soil, the pansies are dying back, cherry trees are launching little bouquets into the air, and birds are dilirious with song.
Nature awakening.

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