04 April 2008

Beautiful Brides.....

You just never really know where your experiences will take you. I have photographed brides for over 14 years, and enjoyed almost every minute. Lately, I have chosen to cut back a bit, being on your feet for 8+ hours at a time is tough on the feet. (my dogs scream after 5!) I am picky now. Being 50, I think I deserve that now. I am no longer hungry for work and know that I will be taken care of.... So, what I do best now, is perhaps most accurately described as "mentor" bright new eyes in the business. Several young women have approached me for some advise. I am flattered. I hope that the information that I give them is pertinent, as I still shoot film. I have a digital camera. I use it all the time to shoot jewelry for Heather. But I love what film allows me. I also know that I will be able to get a fairly good image off of a negative, even 50 years from now (someone is bound to keep the art alive). Capturing the beauty of a wedding day is something miraculous. It can be incredibly subtle, or it can be spectacular. Either way, I love it.

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