11 June 2011

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

I know it might come across as a bit "corny"
but I feel this way today.....
Hope you do too....


  1. Corny 'shmorny'.. it's great when life makes you feel good.. could do with some of that now so I'll let your enthusiasm rub off over my way..

    Have a lovely day.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. We were totally singing this on our Sunday morning ride this morning! No kidding!!!!!!

  3. Another beautiful day in June that makes us forgive and forget the 100 degree/high humidity days we endure the other 5/6 of the summer here in the midwest.
    PS. Rule #14--Showtunes are always in-style and appropriate to belt out in any situation.

  4. Thank you both! I am loving the weather today, even though it is 3 billion degrees outside.....(Carl Sagan told me to say that)....smiles.


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