15 June 2011

Summertime's callin' me...

Most photos require no explanation....
they evoke memories...
good and some, well, maybe sad...
For me this is a special time of the year....
I have always loved summertime...
of course, as a child, the "livin' was easy",
as a teenager, I lifeguarded for several summers,
and as an adult, I loved to spend pool time with my son....
I was raised in a southern city with no A/C in the house,
none until I was in high school...
we stayed in the shade, drank iced tea, volunteered to 
defrost the freezer, swam in the creek,
squirted each other (and Mom!) with the hose,
and laid on the cool concrete floor of the basement to play 
board games...
you had to be creative to live without A/C...

These days, I occasionally have to throw open the windows
on a cool summer morning, like today,
crank up the attic fan (some call it a whole house fan)
and feel the 
fresh breezes against my skin.

My friend, Anne, (in the B/W photo) 
loved summertime as much as I do...
she died of cancer several years ago.
She was born on August 9th,
and I was born on August 8th of the same year...
we attended the same junior high school, high school
and grew into middle age together.
She was one of the "chick's" that I joined twice a year,
on girl's weekends......for decades.....
We miss her terribly....
and when the sun shines especially HOT,
I think of her, as Anne was indeed quite hot....

I hope that all of you enjoy your summertime...
and take the time to smell that fresh morning breeze...


  1. Saying a prayer for your friend Anne. It's hard to lose a good friend.

    Your summer pics are perfect-- And the tomatoes have me drooling.

    When I saw the Lipton Ice Tea bag I smiled. It reminds me of my mom and summer picnics growing up.

    xo jj

  2. I love these photos Ellen! Yes I am super ready for summer livin!

  3. All those empty beach chairs when my butt is here at home. Doesn't. Seem. Right.

    And those tomatoes.....on someone else's plate.....Is. Just. Plain. Wrong.

  4. What a great Summertime post, Ellen!

  5. This post brought back so many summertime memories of my own, when the "livin was easy." I can smell the coconut oil now.

  6. We should ALL be at the beach....or mountains...or Disney world...whatever...smiles.

  7. what a lovely post... esp anne... what a wonderful woman you are... xoxo

  8. Thank you Red.....I miss her bunches right now....smiles.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.