09 June 2011

What's your philosophy?

I guess that it speaks to my intelligence 
that I embrace the philosophy of a dog.....
a very specific dog....
a famous one, no less....
that would be..

He has never failed me....
Even though his owner Charlie Brown 
has his tails of woe (sorry for the pun)
not Snoopy.....
brilliant in all his reactions to life,
this dog is priceless..

He has friends, too.
Like Linus...

I'm with you Linus, ol' pal....

Then there is 
who needs the calm reassurance of his 
canine companion...

fits into any crowd,
regardless of race, religion or breed...
(sorry again)

Snoopy knows his place in the 
grand scheme of things...
On top of his house..

Snoopy is
calm in the face of danger,
he is a 
Boy Scout!

He is also creative...

and a leader amongst 
a herd of followers...

A counselor to the troubled....

He is my hero...
Thank you Mr. Schulz,
wherever you are....


  1. LOL. great philosophy to follow I must say. I have many, depending on the topic.

    I'm glad I got to your recent comment on my blog today. You were sweet to come visit via SITS. Of all the people who came by only a hand full are our age.

    Let's be sure to visit each other often and try to grow in numbers.

    Unfortunately I don't have that cool "friend" button on my WordPress blog so the only option for people is to "subscribe" .. A lot of people don't want to do that, and I understand. Just don't forget to come around every so often and say hi. Take good care and thanks again, Keri from www.alwayscurtsywhenyousneeze.com

  2. I am with ya sister, Snoopy is truly wise beyond dog years. (I am a big Linus fan too!)

  3. Who doesn't love Snoopy? He is a lovable American classic. xx

  4. Like-minded women....I am indeed fortunate....smiles.

  5. I couldn't agree more! I've related to Snoopy all my life. :-)


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