07 June 2011

Ahhh, now that feels much better!


Amazing to me...
what a weekend of doing 
absolutely nothing 
I don't 
want to do....
does for my attitude.

Lest you think me
a big blob of laziness,
I did laundry (couldn't wait!)
I vacuumed (also couldn't wait!)
and I 
left at our house,
 in bubble wrap and tissue,
in preparation 
for delivery later in the summer.
I was soooooo
ready to have the whole affair behind me
that I couldn't wait to get my life back.

The sheets are clean,
the guest room is available,
the carpets are crap-free,
the kitchen has been re-stocked,
the flowers freshened,
the patio swept,
you get the picture,

Of course,
all this cleaning up
has triggered an onslaught of 

the last few nights have been 
an exercise in aerobics,
in and out of the bed,
potty visits,
change of gowns,
re-directing the fan....
but at least 
I have my home back...


  1. I always enjoy a good house purge after a big event.

    (And for the hot flashes? When I started eating ground flax seed on a regular basis they got better.)

  2. Crap-free carpet!! that's what I love!! heheh

    Oh no.. the hot flushes!! I was having those constantly till I found out i was insulin resistant and stopped eating sugar and bad carbs.. much better now!!.. that is probably only for a few more years.

    Sorry I've been so absent.. lousy internet and blogger a pain!!.. Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie PS.. great shot!

  3. Sound like you had quite a shindig at your house. I love the photo in your other post of the Daddy-daughter dance. It brings back memories.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog tomorrow, I'm having a blog hop just for us boomers.

  4. Flax seed!...might try that...
    sugar and carbs, whoa! that's everything I have eaten for the past 3 weeks...it wasn't a vegetarian wedding, believe me...smiles.

  5. AND, Ann! so glad you stopped by, I will be there tomorrow!....the groom to be stayed with us the whole week prior to the wedding. As I took the newly married couple to the airport last week, he thanked me for not planning all of his time, said that he enjoyed the "down time"....smiles.

  6. I had an audible intake of breath when I saw that photo! Gorgeous!

    Isn't it zen-ful when everything is restored to order and quiet returns to your home?

    RX for hot flashes: soy isoflavones, flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil. The best is soy isoflavones.

    All three are natural and good for you.

  7. A well deserved weekend. Nothing like a good cleaning binge to work off the angries. Nothing like a clean fresh space to make one feel peaceful. As for the flashes, just part of a life well lived I suppose.


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