02 June 2009

Tell me what you think, or have experienced.....

This is my mother's family, at a wedding in the mid 80's.....
We are a diverse lot.
Grandad died, at 92 yrs old, in 1992.
Grandma died last November.
We are getting together, in July, on Cape Cod,
where they lived after Grandad retired.
I haven't been to a family reunion in decades.
What has been your experience?
Any helpful hints?
I love all of these people.
But my husband has not been a whole weekend with them all.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance...


  1. Not a good example here--my husband's sisters are like a bunch of wasps. And kinda crazy to boot.
    My advise...a lot of "Un-huhs, yeah, that's so interesting, funny, really?..." No deep thoughts from my end of the conversation. Your family looks very nice, though:>)

  2. If it was my husband's family.....
    I don't think I would go.
    They are a little nutty.
    Now....my family is really nutty, but in an interesting way, or at least I think so...
    Maybe I am biased....

  3. I went to a family reunion of on my dad's side about 5 years ago. We are a large Italian family and we may have gone many years in between visits but it was as if we has just seen each other yesterday. Although my Dad was deceased, it made the reunion ever more poignant - so many stories and memories to share! My suggestion is go, expect nothing, and you'll have fun!

  4. I am with Shiny. I have not been to one for ages, but I know the best thing is just to love :-).


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