04 June 2009


Trust is comprised of a myriad to experiences.....
processing those experiences forces one to think about what you really believe.
Do you believe that there is a higher power that is in charge,
if not, are you willing to believe?
What would the purpose of trust be.....
other than to bring one closer to knowing that higher power?
Trusting a human being is a tricky thing...
it forces one to make assumptions about the other person
well.....that places you in a vulnerable position.
People make mistakes....
I have made mistakes......
My thought about a higher power goes something like this...
I am a mom.
I have the power to forgive my son, anything.
If I, a flawed person, have that kind of power,
then who am I to limit the amount of power that my higher power has?
I figure that being a higher power must mean that you have ALL the
Most of the big problems in my life have been caused by a misunderstanding.
Meaning.........that I didn't have all the information.
So.....if I had all the information.....it would mean that I would have no misunderstandings,
no judgement.
No sin, no blame, no preconceived notions.....
How would that be?


  1. Lovely sentiment!

    Thanks for following my blog! It's always a treat to sign in and discover new people! I hope you enjoy the crazy things I write from time to time!



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