04 June 2009

Wedding days.....


I love all the bridal blogs that I have read that last few days.

Especially the one about the wedding planned in one week.

And the ensuing surprises that take place at the

"engagement party".

Sort of sounds familiar.....

That's exactly what David and I did four and a half years ago.

My parents were in on it.

They hosted an engagement party for us on New Year's Day.

Only....it was the day we had gone to the chapel at eleven am.

We greeted our friends, in wedding attire....

Many laughs, big expressions....

lots of fun,

and it hasn't stopped.

We still laugh when we think of it now.
(the photos that wedding photographers get when they get married,
are usually done by friends, and so were mine)


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.