11 April 2009

I don’t know about you, but……



I simply cannot bring myself to write about the things that you would normally expect someone to want to write about on an Easter weekend.

Yes, the weather is fabulous….

Yes, I have plenty of time to write…..

No, I am not under any undue pressure from outside influences…

Well, at least at this particular moment.

But the flowers are so stunning,

the air is calling me to lay in a hammock outside in the sunshine,

and yet…..

I cannot tear myself away from this computer.

Is Blogging an obsession,

or is it an addiction?

I am truly not sure….

I am fascinated by how talented the writers I follow are……

Simply Irresistible.

So, here I sit, rifling thru photos of weddings I have covered,

many of them a decade old,

and wondering how much easier my job would have been if

I had had all the new tech stuff, a super Mac and lots of time on my hands…..

Wondering still……


Yep, would have been FAB!

Still, I love my life.

And I love film…..


  1. Why write about what is expected? ;). I love hearing about the hammock, flowers, and wedding photos... Enjoy!

  2. The sun is out here, looking quite foreign and bedazzling. It's lovely being inside and out. Enjoy:>)


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