06 April 2009

Buddy and Roxy...

This is Buddy,
he is a good dog...
he knows how to pose for a photo.
he likes to have his tummy rubbed.
Good Buddy!
This is Roxy
she is a wild woman (dog)
she runs around faster than her little legs can
actually carry her...
we don't know how she does it.
She likes to have her human servants throw this ball.
Run Roxy Run!

This is a stunning flower that lives outside of
Buddy and Roxy's reach.
Good Flower.

This is a beautiful bed of professionally manicured flowers
that someone pays a lot of money to have bloom
and re-plant, when the blooms fade,
as they always do....
I prefer dogs.


  1. Wonderful pictures. Are they all from YOUR camera?

  2. Yep, all of them, the dogs do not regularly sit still....
    the flowers did.;-)

  3. Wonderful dogs and beautiful flowers. Thank you for your vote on my mugs. The white handled one is my favorite too :-).


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