09 April 2009

Irritating as Hell.....and worth every minute.

See the pollen?
Big, round, greenish yellow blobs of it?
Each particle of pollen must have spikes on it.
I have discovered sinuses where no human has them...
My head is practically useless....
No, I mean even more than usual.
I feel a little like Atlas, only I am carrying nothing but my head.
But aren't they BEAUTIFUL?
The dogwood is our state tree.
Some years it disappoints.
Not this year.
They are sprinkled like fluffy snow throughout the wooded areas.
They lift and fall with the breezes.....
They make you want to rip your sinuses out.
Love them.

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  1. The dogwood is also the state tree of Missouri, where I live. Wonder how many other states can say that?

    The dogwoods around here haven't started blooming yet. I don't blame them, since the temperature's been veering from winter to spring on an almost daily basis! Tree pollen doesn't affect me, but I DO NOT enjoy wiping the yellow oak pollen off of everything in the house when it starts flying around.


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