12 April 2009

What's the buzz...Tell me what's a happenin'....

Jesus Christ Superstar!
What a sensation it produced.
Old people were outraged.....
Young people brought around to the idea of the
Son of God.....
No one was non-committal.
I was a young teen...
I love it all.
I had the LP, album, whatever...
I played over and over.
I knew all the lyrics,
all the inflections of sound.
I loved this music......
To me,
it brought the idea of
Jesus Christ into the 20th century and made
him a real man.
I never saw the movie or the
Broadway production......
but I felt the music
and the joy....
I don't consider myself to be
I am not....
But I know a soulful noise when I hear it.
and this "moved me".
For those of you old enough to remember,
be grateful.
For those of you too young to have experienced this,
check it out......
Love it!


  1. I really loved it when I was younger, but have not listened to it in years. Happy Easter!

  2. My mom was one of those "outraged" people. I was not allowed to have the album in the house.

    I bought it several years ago on CD, and listening to it is a great lead-up to Easter.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.