04 February 2009


We never know....

When our time will come,

When good is right around the corner,

when we will loose a friend,

when the cake will flop,

when memories will overwhelm us,

when the good in someone will shine through,

when the dog will bark,

when children will make more sense than adults,

when snow will fall,

when your son will delight you with his intelligence,

when your parents will need you to guide them,

when the postman will bring the long awaited letter,

when your best friend will disappoint you,

when your mentor will change, for the worse,

when you will question God,

when he will renew your faith,

when you will be given a second chance,

when everything you have ever wished for will suddenly be true.

Thank God for change....


  1. I found you today via my Google Alert--our blog names are very similar!

    Your poem is very true.


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