01 February 2009

Be young, Be foolish, But be happy......

Several times a year, for many years the "Chicks" have been getting together, either at the beach, or in the mountains. We have known each other for decades. Some of us went to Junior High school together. Last year, one of us died of Cancer. It was awful. But, we had warning, and spent the last several years making our weekends special. We even managed to all turn 50. We miss Anne like crazy, and always take a photo, or many, of her with us on our weekends. She was the most beautiful of us all, even when the illness took all it could from her.
We are all turning into grandmothers now, and Anne managed to do that too, in fact she is with her grandson now....
Did I say we miss her?
We are creatures of habit. We all throw our sunglasses down in the pile, so we will be able to find them later....and our keys,......and our purses....etc....
We should get Anne's glasses, keys and a purse to take with us.

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