04 August 2008


I know that it seems strange.....

but I thoroughly enjoy cleaning up my closets,

once that is....I have gotten started.
Getting started is a problem....lethargy is a state of mind for me.

David and I spent the entire weekend doing those projects that everyone despises.....

Closet cleaning., painting and organizing.

And, one of the best benefits of all this activity was that I managed to create a small sewing room out of one of the downstairs closets that wasn't being utilized very efficiently. Now it is clean and painted and organized. (this is really not like me!) I even had the opportunity to finish my first project in my little sewing nook (nook-nook), a new shower curtain for the downstairs bath.

We threw away, or I should clarify, gave to Goodwill, tons of things that in previous lives, we have used regularly, but now have been sitting waiting for some activity.

Now if I can motivate myself for the next project, painting my bath. It won't be all that difficult as I am merely touching up a couple of years of smudges, and not changing the color.

Also, I would truly love to get all of my negatives, prints and jpgs transferred onto my new external HD. Anyone who is a photo freak, as myself will relate to the project ahead of me. My son, when told of this effort said "that shouldn't be too hard". Little does he know that most of what is in storage is in negative form, meaning it will have to be scanned, a long tedious process that will give me a few more grey hairs. But it must be done, I don't want all that work to be lost....

So...I will tackle the bath first and then on to the negs...

Life is good.


  1. Oh, wow! The closets look wonderful!!! Doesn't it feel so good at the end? Project completion is so worth the effort!

    I do not envy your to-do list. The hours you will spend makes me want to cry! But how wonderfully organized you will be, right?


  2. I can only hope....
    So glad you can relate.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.