08 August 2008

Today is your birthday....

This is my birthday to you....
We're gonna have a good time....

Lucky me.
My son, mom and dad helped me celebrate my birthday in style.

My favorite comfort food, and
even a birthday cake, made by good ol' mom.

I am the most fortunate 51 year old I know.

And later,
I hear they are shooting off fireworks in China too!
(how'd they know?)

I am blessed with wonderful family,
special friends, who have been calling all day,
or delivery persons,
coming by the house with gifts and cards.

Who caould ask for anything else?
I am blessed...

I remember several decades ago,
when my dear ol dad bought me tickets to see the Monkees in concert at the old colisium.
The opening act was Jimi Hendrix, which would have been fab, except I was 10 years old, and had only an appreciation for Davy Jones at the time. (such a shame, really).
But once the Monkees came out on stage, you couldn't hear them as the crowd of girls screamed their heads off the whole concert.

My poor pop,
he is my hero.

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