05 August 2008

"Checking the cell structure...."

Well, not really....
That is a quote from an old Woody Allen movie, "Sleeper".
It was in the theaters when I was in High School,
and was just about as lame as a movie can get.
there was this one scene where he was trying to sneak into the laboratory of the "Man", and donned a lab coat, along with Diane Keaton, and repeatedly said that line....

Well, I guess you had to be there, and
be "mood altered" in some way.

I am scanning my negatives, and long and tedious process.
But I am thrilled to be able to store all the info.
David bought an external HD, and I have 1TB of storage.
That's one heck of a lot of space to fill.
But I have 14 years of professional negs, and 20 additional years of amateur negs to scan,
I may be at it for a while.

My life is good.

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