11 July 2008

I am so fortunate....

My life is good.

I have friends, angels, blessings....

There is a woman, who I learned about thru an email, who has twin girls. One of them has developed an aggressive form of cancer. I try to pray for her and her family thru out the day. Each time I think of her and the amount of information that is being thrown at her every waking hour.......I feel so sad.

She is young, well at least younger than me..

She and her family believe that prayer will sustain them. I do too.

I am so blessed to have people in my life, today that quietly, constantly believe........really believe.......in universal good, in faith, in trust, in karma, in synchronicity, in love, in truth. No particular religion, only in the power of love and faith.....

How blessed am I?

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