08 July 2008

Two Children....

It is fascinating to me that two children,
brought up in the same family can be so different. My brother and I were brought up by the same college-educated, married conventional, conservative parents.
And we are so different from each other....
We see the world in a totally different way.

Of course,
there is the stuff that happened after we left the nest.
I went out to see the world.
And he went out to see the world.....
I chose an airline, and he chose a branch of the military.
I served people with too much money.....
He served people with many freedoms, and no awareness of them....
I had fun,
he didn't ....
I am the better for my experience.
And he would say that he is too.
Still sometimes...I hear a pessimism in his voice that is difficult for an older sister, that worries, to hear...and to tolerate.
I have been told, by people that love me, that I take things a little too seriously.
I think that they are probably right.
However, I am particularly sensitive to my loved one's mental health. I have seen someone sink into the depths of sickness before. It is not pretty.
I love my brother. He loves me.
He has seen things that I hope to never see.
I wonder if love is always enough?

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