15 July 2008


This wonderful wrought iron fence is in Savannah.
I love Savannah.....
It is probably the most European of American cities,
even including Charleston, SC.
When you walk the streets of Savannah, one feels as though you are walking on the oldest of avenues..
People are friendly, by n' large, and they tend to greet you with "How you?", How's your mom n' em?".....
This not meant to be rude or nosey,
this is just a greeting, no one wants the trails and tribulations of your family to be told.
Savannah is HOT!!!
I grew up in the south without the benefit of A/C in our house.
I remember when the temperature reached 102 degrees, and I also remember going to a school without A/C. But I don't remember it ever being as HOT as Savannah in July/August......
The only place that I am sure swelters more is Columbia SC....(the desert.....).
So, the best time to visit Savannah is early spring or fall....
And bring a fan!

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  1. This is the city that owns my heart... I love the streets, the moss, the squares, and yes - even the heat.


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