18 January 2011

Red warms the heart...

soothes the soul.....

calms the mind.....

feels like home.....

and at same time,
it can be 
the perfect 

Like that 
mug, warming with 
freshly boiled water,
as the coffee steeps in the french press... 

or the cardinal that smiles at you from afar....

only to suprise you with his strange cross-beaked bite....

forgive the fuzziness....
this was taken with a long lenses,
but I just couldn't resist the 
beak....normal for him, but disconcerting for me...

And then 
there is this guy...
who appears to be giving me a rather rude 
gesture....but in reality, I caught him 
"his pants down", so to speak...
but check out his
red cap!

We are thawing out around my town...
but there are still piles of snow and ice around in shady spots...

catches my eye...
and reminds me that my favorite holiday is coming up!

Valentines Day is 
just around the corner.

Do you send Valentines?
Do you make them?
Do you receive them from the people you love?
Would you like to?

I absolutely adore making 
Valentines, and have stocked up this year on supplies.
I will document some crafty stuff this coming week,
and will post it.

If you make Valentines,
please share!
I would love to see what you do....

Perhaps you would be willing to post photos, too!
and then come back here and let me know where to find you.
I should warn you,
as much as I enjoy the process, 
my Valentines are, well....
sort of basic,
are filled



  1. lovely warming reds! it's in the high 30's here and raining; we had freezing rain this morning. yuck! so it's nice to see these beautiful images!

  2. Love the wonderful pics of that little red guy. Nice to meet you, Jody

  3. Thank you Mary!
    So happy that you stopped by Jody!

  4. just discovered your blog via being ruby. need to say i love your profile description hilarious..oh and today a friend blogger posted pics of a lovely bird too. take care and have fun whatever the weather, the age, the cage hihihi

  5. Beautiful shots, Ellen. Red is my most favoritest, bestest color. It's everywhere around me.

  6. Red always adds a bit of cheer!
    Have a great weekend, Ellen.

  7. Don't worry about the fuzziness.. the shots are beautiful.. and great capture... I had a little bluebird in my yard today.. but as soon as I went for the camera.. he went for the hills...

    Love the red on the white background....

    You know I think the first post of yours I visited was a shot of a coffee mug... and you had a cold!! seeing this reminded me.. Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  8. Looks at those gorgeous birds!!! So beautiful.
    Have a fun weekend, jj


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