11 January 2011

The sound of silence.......

I am alone....
really alone.
No one has been in this house but me,
for nearly nine whole days.

(What I am getting ready to write should not be misinterpreted as
meaning that I don't miss my "on a biz trip to China husband")

But I 

The house heating system just came on,
it is the first sound,
 other than my typing,
that I have heard in many minutes.....

I love it!

I could be a professional "isolator"....
(ie; one who isolates from the world)

My everyday life involves lots of people.
Many people....
tons of personalities....

I don't mind it usually.

But let me tell you this....
the last couple of 
"snow days"
have been 
God send!

I have caught up on reading....
I have watched my recorded shows....
I have done laundry....
I have re-covered dining room chair seats....
I have consumed vast quantities of coffee, in various forms...
I have eaten well, meaning healthily (yeah fiber!)
I have vacuumed, and the rug still is clean....
I have re-arranged the living room furniture 2 or 3 times
(it is back the way it was.....nearly perfect....smiles)
I have photographed a myriad of birds....
I have cleared snow and ice from cars....
I have written notes to friends...
(yeah, I still do snail mail too)
I have researched online various types of wedding vendors...
(daughter getting married in May)

most of the time,
there has not been a single sound other than the 
occasional sound of birds at the feeders,
or children squealing as they run past....

The house creaks and groans a bit,
she is nearly 40 years old,
but we have grown accustomed to each other....
she knows what to expect of me,
and I, her....

I have slept like a ROCK.

Tomorrow evening,
it will all change.

I will go to the airport to retrieve loved ones,
and the silence will be broken.
That's ok.

it will be quiet for just a bit more.....


  1. I completely understand. I love having the house to myself.

  2. Oh man... that sounds absolutely blissful! And what a lovely picture!

  3. That explains your recent visit ;)) I loved that you came to visit by the way, thanks for letting me know you were there.

    I so adore having the house to myself so I totally get your blissful attitude about it. Maybe you'll get a few more snow days out of this winter and get to do it again.....


  4. I could be a professional isolatee.
    I share your love of silence.

    That first photo is wonderful!

    Check out this blog, Ellen for some fun wedding photos and ideas. They did the whole thing themselves and friends did the photography.


  5. Hi Ellen, oh, do I understand!!! I lived alone for years and was never bored or lonely. Love being around people, cherish my silence and solitude. So glad you had this precious time and got caught up on so many projects. Have a lovely weekend!! xo – g


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