22 January 2011

The Trevi Fountain.....people watching

If you have never been there....go!
If you don't want to....go anyway...
There is simply no place like Rome...

The Trevi Fountain is a very famous landmark,
and it seems that everyone who visits 
feels the need to document with a photo of the fountain.

But as I stood there a few years ago,
what I noticed is the people,
lots of people,
all doing just about the same thing.

A quiet crowd 
having fun....



  1. Hi Ellen
    Great shots.. capture the atmosphere...

    As you know I love Roma and Italy.. and made sure I threw my three coins in the fountain.. so hopefully will get back there...

    The last time I was there there was a funny incident... very Italian!! haha.. trying to find my shots of it...

    Ok.. have fun.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Breathtaking photography, Ellen! And the black and white only adds to the romance and history.


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