16 February 2010


I am awkward with this new computer.
I love everything,
but buttons are in new places....
(or old, if I remember the 1st computer I ever had)
I am working with the Aperture 3 program...
searching for all my photo files.
It is a bit tedious...
as the transfer did not leave files in any discernible order.
I am going through the process of 
bringing up files,
naming them, and then finding the best place for them.

This photo is an excellent example.
It is the photo that I used in 
my ad in the 
"Carolina Bride magazine" 
in the 1990's.....
I had wonderful feedback 
and received a lot of attention from
it, as most of the wedding photographers,
in my town, at the time, were shooting in 
a very conservative, controlled way.
I on the other hand was shooting
in a photojournalistic manner.
Spontaneous, natural,
and non-intrusive....
I loved it and found that many 
women planning their weddings wanted
just that.
They didn't want to be constantly interrupted on their special day.

this approach is the "norm".
But then,
it was radical,
and I received criticism from
men who had been shooting weddings for decades.
In fact,
the man who shot my first wedding,
a control freak supreme, 
couldn't understand how in the world 
I would be able to cover a wedding without 
"set-up shots".

Well, I did.
And I did it almost every weekend
for years.

I value that experience,
but I also value my 
down time, now.

enough reminiscing  
Thank you for indulging me.


  1. well I absolutely love it! You obviously were ahead of your time!

  2. Jealousy is a big green-eyed monster which apparently took up residence in the body of your former photographer.

    The photo is gorgeous! Brava!

  3. Thank you all! I have been blessed with many wonderful brides, who were willing to take a chance...smiles.

  4. It's a striking image! Caught my attention right away. I'm impressed you did so many weddings – I did two which were so nerve wracking (even though the shots were fine) I vowed never to do them again. Congrats on your new Mac – I'm excited for you! :)

  5. Hi Emom!
    I love it too... I think it must be awkward for a bride to pose for smiles when they must be coming naturally that day anyway...

    So does this mean i need aperture 3? have to go read up what it is.. currently i am using the standard iphoto and it has no sense of cataloguing at all!! Can never find anything...

    Hope you are having fun with the new mac!! xx Julie

  6. what a lovely photo! :)

  7. Such a gorgeous photo and it's black and white - one of my very favourite things! Leigh


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