15 February 2010

Today is the day!

I go to the Apple store
and pick up my new baby.

I will have a short
"get aquainted"
session with a
who will be younger than
my son.....
And I will try
oh so hard to sound like
I know a thing or two.

In reality,
I know much more
 than your average
52 yr old woman,
 with a degree in

But I am still
a little slow
on verbalizing my

Maybe a couple
cups of coffee
since this
lesson is at 6pm.

plagues me,
when faced with
a totally out of my comfort zone

I wonder if we ever really
grow out of this?

What has been your experience?

almost forgot.
The photo was taken in
Florence, Italy (2003)
It has a tendency to appear
in my frontal lobe whenever
I am facing something
that I am not sure of.....


  1. Love my IMac. I want a notebook but can't afford an apple, not sure if I can get used to a PC again! My daughter has a Mac Book Pro that we had to purchase for school (art student). I would steal it if I could. You will love your Mac! Enjoy!!!!

  2. Fantastic shot! And you are going to love your new baby!

  3. not that I've ever been to an Apple Store, but from what I understand their reps are very good. You'll be fine! ;-)

  4. Yay! Hope you enjoy your new Mac! Have a super week!

  5. Oh I LOVE my i-phone it is so easy to love...Cate:)

  6. Love the photo!

    Are you kidding? I can become so plagued by insecurity when undertaking something new that I render myself temporarily useless. No total thought can be computed.

    I don't speak Mac and if faced with one, I'd be overwhelmed.

  7. Well....I can happily report that the experience was a piece of cake! The young man that helped me was intelligent, easy to be with....and didn't think any of my questions were stupid ( or if he did, he hid it well).
    I am finding everything pretty well...and have installed Aperture 3, WOW! Does anyone else have this? It is simply blowing my mind.
    More to come...smiles.

  8. Fabulous photograph – it speaks volumes! So glad it all went well. I use Lightroom so can't speak for Aperture but hubby uses both and likes them about equally. Have FUN! :)

  9. Hi: Just came upon your blog... and your post of going to get the new IMac. I had been a Windows person for oh so many years...and gotmy IMac two years ago. AND, just last week, got the MacBook. So, yes, I have left Windows behind and couldn't be happier!!! What a difference it makes in your work, right?
    I'll be back!


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