30 August 2010

A day that worked....

Really well....

Barkley couldn't wait to 
go outside....

He knew what that meant....
a tennis ball and bliss...

He is a focused subject...
so photographing him was not going to be

He was more than willing to have his mom
brush his coat....
and what a coat it is....
just beautiful!

and he loves to RUN!

how could one resist focus like this?

he is intent on capturing the ball asap!

he even poses so that tennis ball would be thrown again...
I love that, too bad it doesn't work with people...

He is not a show off,
but knows how to put his best side toward the camera.

He is even willing to share the spotlight....
who says he is man's best friend?
I would argue that he is definitely a woman's best bud!

once tired....
he was willing to allow a bit of a 
semi-natural pose for that silly lady with the 

And finally....
the perfect shot!
I cannot tell you how excited I get
when I see images appear 
as I download my camera's images.
when I saw this one....
I just knew I had a little help with 
this one.....isn't it perfect?


  1. Ellen, The last shot is perfect, but you're as photogenic as Barkley is...and he's a babe!

    What a gorgeous pooch you have!!

  2. Oh how I wish this were me.....(she is younger, by far)....this was a shoot I had last week....thank you PJ! smiles.

  3. Wonderful phtography and blog.
    I was blogging by and love what I see.

  4. It' a great shot! He's a cutie!

  5. Dear Ellen
    What a gorgeous boy Barkley is!!! beautiful.. and beautiful shots too....

    I thought it was you also!!! and was wondering how you got that shot.. hahaha

    Have a lovely week xxx Julie

  6. LOVE these photos! I get the same when I catch a glimpse of what I think is going to be a great photo as they're uploading to the computer :)

  7. Omigosh, he is so beautiful!!!


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