14 June 2010

Tis the season.....

For weddings....

you may find that you are attending 
many social functions this time of year.

all sorts of events that require
a certain amount of social grace.

Most of these events 
have been planned months in advance.

the weddings that 
you  attend may have been planned...
in some cases...
for years.

No kidding.

You may think I exaggerate...

but if you have never planned 
a wedding, say for 250 guests....

well, you may have no idea.

When my studio was in full swing,
we booked October
(yes, the Halloween month!)
at least a year in advance.
And I mean BOOKED.
and we had to 
turn girls down....
and refer them to other photographers.

The church,
the reception site,
the caterer,
the cake maker,
the florist, 
and the photographer,
all of them should be booked,
contract signed, 
and deposit made,
at least a year in advance.
if you plan to marry in a month
that is popular for your region.

it is a regional thing,
the weather in my fair city is lovely in October,
so much nicer than in June,
which by the way is sweltering......
So, the dates and places go quickly.

I guess my whole point here
is this....

If you find yourself at one of these 
large wedding events, 
make sure to find your way to the 
host and hostess
before you leave.
Thank them....
for the invitation, certainly...
but also for all the hard work,
that obviously, went into the event,
and tell them how lovely it all was....
so that they may find a moment 
of peace in the chaos.



  1. So true...so much work. And I am not the least bit surprised that you get booked up so fast;)

  2. What beautiful photos! October is a wonderful month to get married. xo


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