07 June 2010

This is what I saw.....

Well, close....
this photo is actually from a bit earlier in the year,
But it gives the general feeling for what I am about
to describe...

I woke up early
(sorry k, it's unexpected)
and was clearly not going to be able
 to roll over and shoot for another short dream

down the stairs,
just in time to watch my sweetie start his car
and pull out of the drive....
poured myself a cup o' joe,
staggered into the living room
to scan the paper.

I always open the sliders
wide, early in morning
even on days that promise to 
hit the 90's,
because lately, I have been yearning for 
contact with nature.
I am not really able to explain this but 
suffice to say, I will endure hot flashes 
in order to hear the birds,
listen to the rustle of the leaves
as the breezes dance by,
and all that romantic stuff....
I figure it's just a side effect of the hormones
 that don't know 
how old they are 
(that's a whole different story).

This morning is glorious.
The breeze is light,
the birds are singing their littles throats raw,
and the hummers (birds)
are hitting the new juice like "Ali".

I finished what I could stand of the paper,
and grabbed my coffee for a sit outside on the deck.
The hummers kept coming to the feeder even though it was only
3 feet from where I sat.
The squirrels took a much needed break
 from eating all of my bird food.

And then,
the sun started to peak through the pines....
(I know it sounds like a James Taylor song, but it's true)
and as it did,
about 100 yards away, a spider web
was illuminated....brilliantly!
I was transfixed,
(actually still, and mouth open)
I have a set of binoculars@!
Once back in my seat,
"bios" in hand,
I took a couple of seconds to adjust the settings,
and wa-la!
there is was...a huge...
no HUGE  spider web at a "sissy comfortable"
distance away from me.
It glowed..
and before I could think,
a plane making it's initial approach to our local airport
began to pass within distance,
as I watched it thru the bios,
it passed in front of the sliver of moon....
how cool is that, even with these tiny specs
I can see the craters on the moon!

Then I was hooked..
how many other things can I get an unusually close look at
in this morning clarity?
Lots I am afraid...
I could be there still, as the air is till cool,
and the breezes are bekoning 
and the birds are enticing,
and the pines.....
well, they are as mesmerizing as JT,
and as feathery as goose down....

I know now what I will do in my retirement.
I will do as my father does,
I will sit on the deck,
with the small bios,
and a cup o' joe,
and watch.....


  1. It sounds glorious. Or like an LSD trip. Or both! MWAHAHAHAHA!

  2. morning is the BEST time... :)

  3. Fun post! Sounds therapeutic.

  4. Beautiful, the photo and the post!

  5. That sounds like the perfect retirement to me.

    What a gorgeous post. Every word of it. Thank you.



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