19 June 2010

I meet wonderful people here....

People seem to find a way to complain...
about some of the strangest things...
even other bloggers.

Not me.
I have had the most incredible luck 
in the blogosphere.
I have met women that 
with their words,
with their photos,
with their hands......
good golly!
 there are some talented
people out there.

And sometimes
I stubble upon someone that I take an instant
liking to....
like PJ.
If you haven't seen her 
then you haven't laughed.
no, I mean REALLY laughed.
She is self-deprecating 
in a good way,
I love people that 
can laugh at themselves,
and have the nerve to tell others what they
are sniggling about. 

Suffice to say,
I was very delighted indeed to have her ask me 
about a featured spot on her blog
Yesterday was that day.

I am truly grateful when anyone
appreciates my work.
I am doubly grateful when that person 
is someone whose work
I admire.
Triply grateful when they have 
the gift of gently used sarcasm
and wit.....

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  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWW! I am turning all the appropriate shades of red and pink, Ellen! Thank you for the shout out.
    You're a peach!


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