24 April 2010

A cupa tea...

I am blessed....
I have women in my life that remind 
me how very lucky I am .....

Each week,
one or two of them will come
by my house after work,
or on their way to play,
and we will sit in the 
(Big A@# Kitchen Window)
drink something hot,
tea, coffee, hot chocolate
and talk.

We do not discuss politics
we do not discuss children
(well, occasionally)
we do not discuss men
(now that's a lie!)

But we are 
aware of how 
blessed we all are.
To have good health,
friends, family,
food (especially food!)

And now,
I am blessed in a new way...
Bloggy friends.
(hope they don't mind that name)
I am so amazed
at the talent,
the kindness and
the sheer joy of writing...

Thank you Anne!


  1. beautiful photo and great words! :-)

    and yes, it's wonderful to have a collection of bloggy friends!!

  2. Ellen, how lovely to have friends to drop by. Would love to see a photo of your BAKW. Thank you for your visit – it's true, most everything grows like anything here. Come up anytime! :)

  3. This photo makes me want to come and sit by your BAW and have some tea!

    Yup. Love it!


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