25 April 2010

The BAKW.....

here she is....
Big A@* Kitchen Window.

She's a she,
because of her prominent curves....
they are BIG,
like mine.

She is the defining feature of the 
kitchen in our condo.

We have lived here for almost 
5 years now....

When we saw her for the first time.
I nearly cried.
She (the condo)
had been badly neglected.
Her carpet was torn and stained.
Her tile was cracked and loose.
Her cabinets were, original 
(she was built in 1972)
She looked decrepit.

We have replaced carpet 
in bedrooms,
put hardwood on the main level
painted every surface.
When we gutted the kitchen,
we made it clear to the contractor,
that we had priced a new window,
and that he would probably want to be 
very careful around it, as the custom window 
would run around $9000, 
no kidding....

the kitchen is wonderful now.
And as mentioned previously, 
I am blessed with women in my life,
that come by for conversation,
and tea, or coffee, or sweet tea....

sit at the kitchen table
in front of the 

conversations that are difficult,
are easier when 
there is something to look at
outside of ourselves.
Something that allows us 
to say the unspeakable....
I have noticed this affect 
on people that sit in front of 
the BAKW.

They "Blurt out all over the place".....
as one of them explained to me....
She was amazed that 
things that seemed to be locked in 
her head forever....
jumped out....when she sat there 
with cup in hand.

Maybe it's magic....

It is coated with some sort of 
UV protective film, not 
really reflective but which 
that tends to make looking in
difficult, unless it is night ,
and the lights are shining bright

There is a bird feeder 
and a hummingbird feeder
right there within 3 feet of the window.
The birds rarely notice those inside.
Only if we move, or are too loud...

This is also my favorite 
place to photograph
vintage finds,
treasures found,
treasures kept....

I know how lucky I am 
to have this BAKW...
she makes me smile.


  1. I'm moving in and I will sleep on a cot in the kitchen.

    Holy crap!! It's gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Ahhh, thank you so much for sharing you BAKW! Now I know what it looks like and the love that restored her. :) – g

  3. That is fantastic!!! Absolutely breathtaking!


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