28 March 2010

Some things are bitter sweet...

I think you all understand....
I am taken by surprise 

Dear Pam
had a giveaway....
I won.

But in the same post 
she stated that she might not be able to continue
with this wonderful blog
whose quote states

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

now I know that daily posting is 
an incredible commitment.
I don't blame Pam a bit 
for feeling overwhelmed,
or over tasked,
or over committed,
That's easy to understand.

I also want to say that 
I have learned so much....
merely, from reading her blog
that the thought of doing without.
Well, it makes me feel a little like 
a child who is at the end of the school
year with a favorite teacher.....
A little freaked out.....

I love sarcasm....
I love irony....
I love a well turned phrase....
Pam does all of this well.

LIke I said...
believe me,
each time I look at my prize,
I will think of how her writing has made me laugh,
think, respond, and return.

Big Smiles Pam!


  1. Maybe Pam can be encouraged to take a blogging break and return.....

  2. There is a lot of that going around...I feel sad when a blogging friend stops...but maybe she'll be back soon.

  3. She does have a great blog. That would be too bad.


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