29 March 2010

I had plans...but....

all sorts of fun things to do....
you know 
how life sometimes just 
doesn't go the way you'd planned?

my plans had nothing to do with the photo
But for those of you who have wondered if 
my sweetie made it back from China,
he did...
and he brought pearls! 
I will photograph them soon....

In the meantime,
 this is the Chinese version of my little car,
a Honda Fit, even the correct color,
(But my little car has no bumper stickers, and is not 
souped up like this one)
but that's not really the reason to show you this 
see the air (well, the pollution...)
remind you of LA in the 70's?
Sweetie said that you could
taste and feel the pollution 
in Shanghai. 
It was thick enough to make you feel sick.
And most young professional people that
he met, saw or observed smoked also...

Now what does this all have to do with
my plans?

I had just finished my first cup o' joe this morn...
and went down to the laundry room,
when I noticed a strange smell emanating 
from our downstairs bathroom....
a really bad, putrid smell....
I peaked in, thinking someone had forgotten to flush,
and no,  the toilet and the bathtub were filled with 

Now let me just say right here that I have an 
excellent nose as I have mentioned before
"a nose like a huntin' dog"
and my coffee was not sitting real well at this point.

Plumber called...
249 feet of snake down the clean-out line,
and problem solved...
that someone had to clean all that up.
Where is Mr. Clean when I need him?

So, that is what I did today,
how about you?
sorry no smiles....


  1. So sorry. Tomorrow HAS to be better!

  2. Ahh! Women get stuck with the clean up every time.

  3. Ugh! You poor thing - that must've been nasty. Glad it got cleared up. Have a terrific week.

  4. Yucky. We had this happen last year after finishing our basement. But we only had it happen in the bsmt. shower. So sorry. It is an awful cleanup. Be sure to wash your hands about a million times, lol. I know, not funny but tomorrow will be much better, right? Hope the rest of your week is beautiful.

  5. Oh, NO!!!!! That's just too disgusting!!! ACK!

    I'm really sorry! :(

  6. could anything be nastier????

  7. oh no.. what a way to spend your day.... I could think of better things to do... hope it is all a distant memory now and Easter will bring some fresher smells your way... xx Julie

  8. Oh, yuck! So sorry about that and that you had to do clean up!



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