26 August 2009

Show your heart.....

Thank you Nancy!

Saved by the sweet idea you've offered..

Well, here goes...
The tag reads -- With as much creativity as you can muster,
show your heart in a picture, poem,
a song (or a piece of music), a phrase (or quote),
an item of clothing, a place and
(just for fun) a Disney Princess.

See above,
This is my sweet little Michael..
He will be 21 yrs old on Sat.
This is how I will always see him.
The 23rd Psalm
The Lord is my shepard...
you know the one.
I am not a religious person..
however, I memorized this psalm
as a child.
It comes to me automatically when I am in
"deep poop".
"From a distance"
Bette Midler...
the words bring tears to my eyes
"What goes around....
you know this one too,
I am sure.
Well...I have seen it in action.
(instant karma?)
Item of clothing;
A designer shirt that I bought with
a gift certificate given to me
by my first heart (see above)
I think how proud I am of him
everytime I wear it.
My heart
belongs to the Carolina Beaches....
I've got sand in my shoes....
Disney Princess;
I would have to say that Cinderella
and I must have signed up for the same
strange life....
we walked thru hell...
and then by the strangest of circumstances...
along came Prince Charming.

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  1. I loved that you did this. It was so nice to read what is important to your heart. Your son was, and I'm sure still is, adorable! I'm so glad you found your Prince Charming.


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