27 August 2009

Not Yo Momma's Handbag....

Right up front,
let me just say that I was not in the
market for a new idea
for making money....
I like my camera,
thank you...
fate has stepped in...
I think.
I made a Recycled jeans purse
for myself....
I had no idea how much attention it would
I carried it on trips this summer,
and without exception
everywhere I went
someone would come up and ask where I
bought my purse.
Even men would come up and whisper
"I like your purse".
(Now, I would love to think
that they just needed an excuse to talk to me,
but they were staring at my handbag!)
Finally, my sweet baboo....
says "you know, you might want to
consider selling those.".
He is too nice to be pushy,
but the response was
becoming a little
Well, here goes...
I have made 10 handbags.
I have an Esty site
I am working on the photos today.
Hopefully by the end of the weekend
I will have handbags for sale.
Good Grief!
(as my dear Charlie Brown would say...)


  1. That is so wonderful! I love when things just happen :-). I need some help with money making, perhaps you will have an idea for me :-). Good luck! xoxo

  2. OK,
    this is where I "fess up" to being very afraid that all my friends and relatives will be receiving handbags for Christmas...

  3. I am so excited for you!! Yes! Follow that dream. Can't wait to see them on Etsy.

  4. I haven't seen the bag yet, but can already feel a deep need welling up in me. I'm pretty sure I can't live without one...


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