29 August 2009

Etsy site.....up and running....Smiles...

Holy Cow,
I have made myself a nervous wreck over this....
I hope I have covered all my bases....
Each of my bags are made with
recycled jeans, so as you might expect...
they have flaws..
just like me...
But they are sincere..
a bit like me...
So glad to finally have them listed...
If you see where I have missed something
please let me know.
Appreciate your encouragement more than you know.


  1. I LOVE that you've named each of the purses! How unique.

    As they get sold and you make new ones, do you have a list of names for them, too? :-)

  2. Yes! but if you have a suggestion, I am more than open...in fact all my "girls" will eventually have a bag named for them....so stick around...smiles.

  3. You did this so fast! It took me forever...I have a suggestion:Put a link to your Etsy site on the side bar (unless I am blind and just could not see it :-). Your site looks great and I could not
    find anything missing. Also I have learned that the more you renew an item the more people see it and come to your site. Good luck!!!!

  4. Thank you so much! Smiles...


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.