10 November 2009

The times they are a changin'.....

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the topic,
I just wanted to look at it....

Now, to the changin' times...
Do you live in the town you grew-up in?
Or, have you visited the town of your childhood, lately?
Have you noticed that many of the buildings that you used as
landmarks are gone?
Familiar streets no longer look so familliar?
The fabulous example of a long ago designed architecture
has been leveled...
The old roller skating rink, complete with creaky wooden floors...gone.
Even your elementary school doesn't even look the same?
What is happening people?!

Well.....I have been told
"Welcome to late middle age!"
Holy AARP, Batman!
I am not ready to be sitting at my
dinner table with friends
saying things like
"Remember the old saw mill down the road from the A&P?"

I just can't see me doing that.....
so, I will photograph the places of my youth...
while they still exist,
and hope that the
world slows down just a bit....

Old smiles....


  1. yup, i have returned to the area of my childhood, and can't believe how much things have changed. it's also kinda bizarre to think that music I loved in the 80's is considered "oldies" now!
    thanks for your comment on my blog today!

  2. Of course!
    Love you blog...smiles.


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