09 November 2009

It is a sad day indeed.....

I am totally dismayed....
a little "p-o-ed",
and simply disheartened at the
announcement that
is joining the long list of publications that are
biting the dust...
I hate that!
There is almost nothing that can turn my dull afternoon
into a bright evening, quicker than
a trip to the mailbox and
finding a brand new magazine....
and MH was one of the very best....
It inspired my adoration of modern furniture,
"mid-century modern" as it is now
I loved the dedication to fabulous
no FABULOUS photography,
and an extra wide format that it
boasted for many years.
It is a very sad day in the life of this
52 year old.
I love the "net",
but there is nothing as comforting on a
wet, rainy day
as curling up with a real work of art
which this magazine was....
I hope the bleeding stops soon,
Domino....very sad.
no smiles today.


  1. This is sad. The internet kind of spooks me for being responsible in some way for these folds.

    I miss Domino. I bought their book yesterday when I saw it...just because I miss the mag.

  2. It's sad, but it means us bloggers are taking over - that's the positive side of it!


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