30 October 2009

Rainy days and Fridays......wait!

Sort of a rainy day...
and usually I would find myself
glued to the desk....my computer....and
100's, literally, of images to "tweak".
But today,
instead I went to a huge fabric store,
called "Mary Jo's".
My mother called this morning
and wanted me to go along for the ride....
as I drove us over,
about 45 minutes away,
I was reminded of
the dozens of trips we have taken to
Mary Jo's over the years.
No lie, dozens....
Well, I am 52 yrs old,
and she started taking my brother and me
when we were small children.
Back then, it was located in a different location,
the current store is unbelievable.....really.
As I have gotten older,
I appreciate these trips with my mother
so much.
As a child, I hated them.
There is not a lot for a grade schooler to do in a
big ol' fabric store.
well I have a ton of things to look at,
dream about,
create a plan...
well, you know.
to top it all off, I get to spend time with my mother,
without anyone else needing our attention.
My mother is sweet as she can be,
and loves sweet fabric,
small little sweet prints,
traditional quilt designs.
I, on the other hand,
have always been drawn to the
upholstery fabrics,
wild prints,
mid-century modern prints,
decidedly not sweet.
So we go our own way when we hit the door,
and then later compare while driving home.
We are always diplomatic while
being shown the other's purchases,
but in our minds,
I am quite sure that we both are thinking
"What was she thinking?"

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  1. We have a wonderful fabric store in Taos and I go there and look even if I can't buy, I can dream. xoxo


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