18 June 2008


I love this gate.

I love the way the morning light comes thru

inviting the day into my world.

I love watching the chipmunks scooting back and forth frantically to see who is the faster "chip". Birds swoop in and out periodically too, as there is a feeder on either side of the walkway. The camellia bushes on either side put out the most beautiful blossoms in the early....early spring, really just late winter.

I sit on my deck above this scene each morning, sipping my coffee, thanking God that I have the life I have today. I am so grateful. My life is full of the little pleasures that make each life unique.

The trees that fill the property line behind our house make it nearly impossible to see the 2 house located a hundred yards or so behind us. All morning, I can listen to birds, squirrels, chipmunks and neighborhood pets. They sometime scamper past, but mostly I hear them. It is a nice muffled sound that could actually put me to sleep if I let it, but on the whole it simply reminds me that God is in charge of this neighborhood, and all I have to do is wake up and show up.....

Pretty damn cool, huh?

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  1. I love this shot! What a perfect little hideaway! So peaceful there...


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