30 June 2008

She'll loose her head for you......

Apparently, in Canada, this is the common Spring Chicken. I found her on the front porch of an old country store. There she sat all proud and perky waiting on the next "cock n' bull" story teller to come along.
It was a quiet place, until the crowd of junior high school graduates came along and invaded......
She was not so happy about this.
I just returned from a week in the lake district outside Peterbourgh Ontario. It is beautiful. They are still in their spring months, and the kids were just now having their last days of school.
"poutine" is french fries with gravy and cheese curd. Now, I know to most southern girls this sounds a bit like something you find on the bottom of your shoe. But it is one of the best "carb-laden snacks" I have ever had the pleasure to consume. Real comfort food.
The flowers were absolutely spectacular. Every where you look, tons of gorgeous color. I could hardly contain myself. Snapping shots here and there, literally forgetting to take photos of my companions. Oh well.....
I am so glad to be home, not that I didn't love Canada, I did, but I was having withdrawals from "Sweet Tea" and Cheese Grits. I am blessed to have a husband who made both for me within hours of my return. Whooopee!

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