28 March 2012

How to use a Bidet.....

I must confess....

I did not write the instructions.
I have absolutely no experience with a bidet.

I know someone....

Her name is Nada,
she leads clumsy Americans on tours of Italy.
She is a saint.
(and pretty too!)

I came to know Nada over 10 years ago,
when she offered free,
that's right FREE
conversational Italian classes
(now get this...)
at a Gelato store!

that sold me....
FREE and cold creamy goodness!

I have followed Nada's rise to tour guide supreme
over the years and today on her 
FB page she enlightened me....

Instructions for a bidet!

So here goes;

The Five Lessons of the "Bidet" for Americans:

Lesson 1. The Bidet is for both men and women. Believe it, Italian men love it as much as women do.
Lesson 2. The Bidet is a time-saver. Think about it, you are ready to leave the house but..wait! You have a moment... So do you take a shower and start all over now? That's why we have a bidet.
Lesson 3. Always sit down on the Bidet facing the faucet (it would be hard to operate the hot/cold water knobs otherwise).
Lesson 4. The Bidet is multi-functional. Sit on the covered toilet or a stool and you can also use it to soak your feet after a long day.
Lesson 5. Don't be afraid of the Bidet, it cannot harm you. Try it!



  1. I've never use done, but will keep these instructions in mind for the future, Ellen, Grazie! Have a good week! xo

    1. Anne,
      I haven't used one still....but now I know....smiles


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.