12 August 2011

My favorite week....changed

This is the week 
that my sweetie and I
celebrate our birthdays...

yes, 2 Leos in the same house...

stop snickering, 

I know you are....

yes, both of us fit in the same domicile.

yes, our egos get checked at the door,

yes, we each own one mirror....in the baths.

There are so many ways to tease Leos..
we are known for a healthy, if not inflated, ego
we are known for our pride of self
and yes, the two of us have been married before.....

several times...

What is different here is that we are all of that...
and understand the other person's needs pretty darn well...



Isn't he a dear!?

of course, things happen....
and the person at the receiving end of the flower order
may not exactly understand what you are trying to 

My son is a dear, too!
(human type)

my favorite magazine came too...
(pay no attention to the eyeglasses)

And, I managed to get my house in order
before out of town guests arrived...

and then,
it happened....


quiet booming in my ears....

the click, click, click of the battery powered clock....



sideways rain,

more hail,


a flash...


I jumped, caught my breath, and sighed....
we were powerless....
really powerless....
supreme quiet....
still the rain, hail, thunder.....
and a different sort of bang,
more of a thud...
loud and close by...

a neighbor had an oak come through their roof.
No mere twig, this....at least 4 feet in diameter at 
it's base....
The split level was now true to it's name....
right where the single story meets the 2 stories...

I feel lucky.


  1. That was a bit of an emotional roller coaster: from love to fear!

    Happy Birthday to you and your husband both!

    Love the flowers and romance.

    I do believe these may be the first photos of your house, outside of the fabulous window, that we've seen. Nice! Do you paint too????

  2. Thank you PJ! I do paint a little bit, but alas I cannot take credit for the ones in the photos.....well, except for one in a silver IKEA frame to the right of the dancing lady bronze...smiles.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Nice flowers, clean house, great magazine and then of course drama - LIFE.

  4. The card CRACKED ME UP!
    It's so perfect…and so is he for you and you for him!

  5. Happy Birthday to both of you!
    Such a lovely and pretty flowers from your sweet hubby.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  6. Happy Birthday to you both! I hope the celebrations were happy, in spite of natural phenomena!

    (thanks for your choices on the calendars, too)


  7. Very very belated birthday to you both. Somehow I thought I had commented on this one already. Better late than never. Looks like a lovely birthday for you both. Your house looks fantastic too and no oak tree thank goodness.

  8. It's funny how when everything goes quiet...you hear the ticking of the clock. You don't hear it that much. Nor do you really want to. Well it's a good thing everybody was safe. And at least your day started off wonderfully.

    Love that chair in your living room!

  9. Wow! Such a wonderful feeling, and then??? So glad no one was hurt!

  10. Thank you ALL! we had a wonderful week...smiles....


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.