20 July 2011

ok, over that song.....

it's safe to come back now....

I promise not to bludgeon you with

 a horrific version

 of Mr. Simon's perfect song....


I think I'll play around a bit....

with my camera,
of course....

let me just say that 
I live in the southern part of the USA...

it is hot out there right now..
insanely hot...

It is absolutely true what they say about 
"mad dogs and englishmen"
no one who grew up here, 
as I did, 
would ever think of hangin' out in this heat.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be over 101 degrees.
Now, I don't want to offend those who live in the southwest,
I know it's hot there....
take a mild day in Phoenix, like 95 degrees.....
and add that southern killer
humidity....say, 80% for starters...
I am talkin knee-crawlin,
well, you get the picture,

I went early this morning to 
capture these...


  1. NIce shots, Ellen. I don't think you take any other kind.

    The fact that you ventured outdoors before October 1st is really, truly brave of you. You won't catch me out there.

  2. PJ, it's a bit cooler here now...but not much....smiles.

  3. Beautiful Ellen! I love the gradual color change in the hydrangea blossoms!


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment...I am grateful....smiles.