28 February 2010

Regrets......I've had a few....

But so few I'd like to mention....

today, at the traffic light,
I had one of those moments that I 

I was caught without my camera,
any camera....
not just my "pro-rig" Canon,
not just my small "in-my-purse" Nikon,
Not even my phone's camera....

I was camera naked.
And at one of those moments that you really require
Full-gear....and time.

The license plate said it all,
It was a smooth silver grey Rolls Royce,
driven by the most elegant 

She was, I'd say. in her 70's,
beautifully quaffed blonde/silver hair
that seemed to match the palate of her 
interior leather.

She wore Jackie-O sunglasses.
She had on delicate cream leather gloves.
She was wearing a B/W hounds tooth braided jacket.
She was the picture of elegance.
Not 10 feet away from me.......
no camera....
I wasn't even driving and frantically looked around the car
to see of there might be a camera, that didn't belong to me.

no camera.
Why do I do this to myself?
Why haven't I learned from the many experiences
like this?

Regrets....I have a few.....


  1. haha
    I would have liked to see that! My camera is not so big .. but not so small either so I don't always take it with me.. lets say.. to the grocery store! but last night driving home we had the most glorious pink streaks across the sky.. like this image you have here... i raced home.. raced back with camera.. and was already too dark!! I think I am becoming a photo addict!!

    Would you have stopped the lady and spoken to her? and asked for a photo? or just a candid shot?

    x Julie

  2. Usually...I keep a small Nikon in my handbag, it is small and light. Since we were in traffic, I would not have stopped her. Also I am a huge fan of "observational photography". It was more popular in the first part of the 20th century...but really has relevance now. My view from the car next to her would have been perfect, in my opinion...thanks for asking, it made me think...smiles.

  3. Well, it's a shame you didn't have a camera but you described it beautifully, so you can still share the experience! :) – g


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