03 March 2010

Film Love...

I just love film....
I know it is not instant gratification....
that is part of what I love,
 the anticipation.

I also love the somewhat predictable nature of 
certain films...
A high speed B/W film will be grainy...
 this can be used to reflect a mood.

The photo above for example,
if it was shot in color,
you might be inclined
 to concentrate on the dress,
her hair,
the veil,
her gloves,
you get the picture
(no pun intended)

But in B/W, or sepia,
one tends to look at her face,
what is she thinking?
Is she scared,
of simply
quiet by nature?

The good news is
that she was 
simply quiet,
from a family of three girls,
she was the youngest,
and accustomed  to allowing everyone around her 
to be the "whirling dervish".
She was calm as a cucumber,
 very much in love with the groom.
It was a splendid wedding,
easy to cover,
easy clients to please,
the second daughter
 I had the privilege to 
photograph on her wedding day.

I know that I probably 
could have gotten the same look with digital,
I guess I am a bit 
even though,
digital is admittedly easier.

What do you remember the most about your wedding?


  1. Just lovely! A very special quality you captured here.

  2. All the people I love most in the world were at my wedding.

    Now, I absorb their loss in my garden.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. I was scared to death on my wedding day. A friend gave me a pill, to relax me, she said. I have a frozen expression in my photographs.

    Now that we have so many choices, I adore black and white for its luminous studies, the concentrated expression around the eyes and wherever the light hits. You have the technical term here; I call it luminosity.

  4. emom, this is gorgeous. Last week I was picking up some photo prints, and a lady walked in with about 15 "old school" film rolls to be developed. And I was a bit envious. While I LOVE the convenience of digital, I also really miss film. Real Camera Film.

  5. Oh my gosh! I just ordered 12 rolls of film. I haven't shot with it since high school. ha ha. Can't wait to play with it.

  6. Oh, I am so glad that there are others who miss film....thank you!

  7. I'm not a good photographer. When I used film, two-thirds of the prints I ended up paying for should have ended up in the trashcan. For that reason, I prefer digital.

  8. Love this shot and have quite a fondness for b&w

    Well i have never been married so no memories there.. but my brother is a wedding photographer and only uses film!! not sure he even owns a digital... I remember coming back from europe with about 20 rolls of film to develop... the anticipation was killing me waiting for the photos.... Mind you.. even if I just go to the park and take some pics... I still have that anticipation when I download to the mac.. mostly as I can't see a thing with the digital haha...

    Have fun xx Julie

  9. You are so clever !! this is a beautiful photo I would love to see more...its sounds like a wonderful wedding. Thank you for the comment on my blog its so nice to meet you...

    Cate :)

  10. Wonderful photo! I have never been married...I agree with you about film, I hope it will stay around for a long while. xoxo

  11. Which one? ;)

    I remember that wedding #1 was detailed and glorious. That marriage ended.

    I remember that wedding #2 was intimate and that marriage has lasted and lasted and lasted....


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